Friday, May 29, 2009


You know I had to write about this..... DREAM GIRL by After School

Dream Girl is the cover song of Morning Musume’s Love Machine for Korean-Japanese audition show ‘Great Tokyo Girls”..... AND I LOVE IT. Even though it's different than their usual smexy sound it is still awesomeness. A very good attempt at cute in my opinion. I can't get enough of Bekha's rap, its soooo..... *sigh*

I'll let you be the judge....

Download Single

HAPPI DAY キタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

MV is out!

Release Date: May 20, 2009
Genere: K-Techno
Artist: Lee Jung Hyun
Song: Crazy
Rating: 5/5 AMAZING!

Ok so Lee Jung Hyun's Crazy is out. First off, OMG! The queen is definitely B-A-C-K!
I love how the MV starts she comes out of the water all avant garde looking and she not even WET! What the heck, can that happen to me...please. Anyways i love the white she is wearing and then byt the end of the mv the black that contrasts with the white beginning. I also love all the multi racial men in this MV! What the heck im bouncing off the walls here, there is even one to fit my love of tattoos! OMG! i love lee jung hyun, this MV is a must see! so see it! NOW!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Chae Yeon makes me wanna SHAKE

Release Date: 2009-05-09
Language: Korean
Genre: dance/pop/ballad

01 Shake
02 Ooh La la
03 Hey Stupid
04 Breakup Hunch
05 Change
06 Clumsy Breakup
07 Let’s Forget
08 Shake (DJ Koo Club Radio Remix)
09 Shake (DJ Koo Club Extend Remix)
10 Ooh La la (Club Radio Remix Version)
11 Ooh La la (Club Extend Remix Version)

Very hot mini album, I'm so happy she is making a come back. I was never really into her old stuff, but this really gets me in the mood..... TO PARTY! She has 2 ballads: Breakup and Let’s Forget. You already noe how I feel about those, not that bad tho (if ur into that kinda stuff) My faves are in red. I cannot stop singing Shake, that song is so catchy! I prefer the DJ Koo remix, he's a pretty good DJ. If u can find any of his stuff let my noe plz! Ooh La la is awesome 2, hope she brings out another PV soon.

The video is also very sexy, had no idea she was so hot >.<

download mini album: MEDIAFIRE

HAPPY DAY (`・ω・´)

Genre: K-Techno/ K-pop
Artist: Lee Jung Hyun (이정현)
Album: Avaholic (Mini- Album)
Release Date: May 19, 2009
Rating: 15/10
Must Listen to: 1, 4, 3

#1 Vogue Girl This song starts off like a lot of the newer electronic but soon Lee Jung Hyun's style comes in.
I love her she incorporates the wonderful non-intelligible korean. But "Baby don't you wana be a it girl??" ha
ha i love it because I don't, But the vogue girls definitely want it! lol Its a GREAT song its cute and a great
start to an overall awesome album.

#2 Crazy "Crazy...Baby...Crazy...Grown...Crazy...Song" What a great way to start a song. I like the inserts of
english and the sound effects work in favor of this song its just the umph i needed in this idol driven K-pop
world. This song is the PV for this mini album. I'll upload it tomorrow as that's when it is supposed to come
out. But this is a great song! I'm not sure how much I can say it lol

#3 넌 내꺼 (You're Mine) This is CHO PD! UGh! Last time he produced it was for Maydoni "ID". Anyways this
song is not one of my favorites but i like it enough. The usual Cho PD style is there but it just doesn't hit the
spot for me like the last two songs. Cho PD's rap is just too good! I love it! I think thats what makes me listen
to this song so much. ^.^

#4 2night MY FAVORITE SONG! Its slow it reminds me of old Destiny's Child, in a good way. I love this song!
It's the one thats on repeat for me! It's beautiful. Lee Jung Hyun's vocals are light, smooth and glide right over
the background music. the song is laid back but still makes you want to move in your seat. I enjoy the rap also
that just melts over the music too! This is an overall melty song! I love it UGH! LISTEN TO IT! ^.^

#5 Miro I A 1:01 interlude, that puts me right to sleep, the mini album could have done with out this. But i
guess after all the dancing you did with the first 4 songs a little break is good. "AVA!"

#6 Miro II A French inspired number, it has not grown on me yet, I think it will tho. I like her voice in this song
not forced or technofied. Its just pure vocals and smooth sailing. I like the overall concept of the song, just not
sure if it was executed well. The english riddled throughout makes me happy! UGH!

Here is a preview video for your viewing and musical tastes ^.^

Some old Lee Jung Hyun that i can NEVER get enough of

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MEG is freaking me out under my skin ^.^

Ok so i have this new found love for MEG she's great, at the moment, she has a album called "Beautiful" which will be released May 27, 2009. the album cover is creaping me out! lol She's floating on nothingness, its weird but its what makes MEG an artist you have to try.


So i love the english that she speaks, her accent is heavy but its ok. I'm in a dreamy wonderland 
when i watch and listen to this song her voice sounds so cute. And it reminds me of something
but i can't remember what lol.


I love this song too! UGH! this one is just so weird! But its nice i just love how weird she is UGH!
Can't wait till her CD comes out W0ot!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Genre: K-pop
Title: Davichi in Wonderland
Artist: Davichi (다비치)
Rating: 5/5 AMAZING
Release: 2/27/2009
#1 8282- In korean, these numbers are actually the Hallyu for "Hurry Hurry" so anywho...I absolutely ADORE! this song. Their voices and strong beautiful and just all around entertaining. The song starts off with the wonderful piano arrangement and then the vocals begin and I'm already sucked in. I really don't like Davichi that much but this single make me a believer in their talent. The song is beautiful, speaking of how a man has left her and she's wondering if he'll call and just appease her hunger to understand what went wrong. My favorite line is, "I wait for you every day, That you love me, love me, At least send me a text, Don’t make me cry, No..." What a modernized time we live in.
#2 사고쳤어요 ( Sagochyeosseoyo, I Made an Accident)- Begins beautifully, with the soft vocals accompanied by a sweet pop beat. i love the guitar, riddle throughout the song. This song is just wonderful i always want to cry because i feel all the emotion in her voice. I hope that if i ever make a mistake it is as beautiful as this song. ^.^
#3 My Man-  so this song make me happy. Not only does it have crazy english riddled throughout it, "I gots your not a friend..." I think they meant i guess you're not a friend lol but of course koreans trying to speak english is weird lol Anywho i love this song, i first heard it on Boys Before Flowers, and i was like WHO IS THIS! and I figured it out lol I like this song because it is another poppy song that has meaning but it keeps you feeling good. This one is a must listen...wait the whole album is nevermind lol
#4 사랑이 우습니 (Sarangi Useumni, Is Love Foolish?)- So as we all know i don't like ballads, this one is no exception. It is absolutely beautiful but I really don't enjoy being sung to then crying when i reads the lyrics. I'm like ugh! can we not?!? But its a beautiful song regardless ^.^
#5 Crazy Woman ft. 김연지 of Seeya! I likie this song mucho mas! OMG! I'm always just rocking back and forth to this song like, don't end don't end PLEASE! lol Its wonderful LISTEN! don't take my  word for it 

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Genre: J-Electronica

Group: Ravex (レイベックス)
Release Date: April 29, 2009
Rating: 4/5
Favorites: Rock U, I Believe in Love, V.I.P.P., Bangalicious, 1 more night

#1 I Rave U (Original Version)- Is an instrumental that starts the cd, its GREAT! i love the sound, it reminds me of the beats you hear at raves in America its good.
#2 Rock U ft. 安室奈美恵- "Get down down down down ROCK U!" I love Namie's voice in this song, she takes the whole techno idea to the next level. She sings in a lower pitch and it fits well with the powerful beats and noises lol Not noise but its good i enjoy this song, its on repeat on my ipod lol ^.^
#3 Just the two of us ft. 東方神起- They have never done anything that sounded like this...I don't really like it. I over done repeating of the beginning is just bleh. I mean i like Tohonshiki but meh its a little much for me. 
#4 House Nation ft. Lisa- Its a crazy song, "Expand your mind!" lol Lisa's english is good lol I don't think there is any japanese in this song. But i think this song is ok...i never liked Lisa anyways, and this song made me wonder why she was picked over ami suzuki, i think she's on avex, bleh.
#5 Bangalicious ft. 土屋アンナ- Anna's voice is not the best but i like her voice here, its like her rock mixed with the ravex techno feel. Her english is also nice sounding in here, it kind of reminds me of Fergilicious??? With all the "liciouness" going on. But "I don't care say what you want" haha love her ^.^
#6 Believe in Love ft. BoA- This song is BEAUTIFUL! thats all i have to say. the video is super trippy i'm going to post it below.
#7 NEW eccentric girl ft. 千紗 (Girl Next Door)- This song is kind of boring to me...and i never finished it lol But you may like it so give it a try ^.^
#8 GOLDEN LUV ft. Maki Goto- This song does Maki some justice i rarely like her music its usually overly sexafied lol But either way she sounds sweet on this song and i definitely enjoyed it. 
#9 V.I.P.P. (Very Important Party People) ft. Verbal & TRF- I love this song! Verbal's voice makes me happy lol. But the stupid chorus in the background i could do without. I also love the title, very important party people lol, and they actually say it in the song, i died laughing but its great so im Alive again ^.^
#10 1 more night ft. MONKEY MAJIK- I love his voice! OMG! wonderful "Baby I remember everything, wishing you were hear with me..." I mean i come be with you although, i think Monkey Majik is a little old, he's been in the buisness a while. Haha but this song is nice ^.^ Oh he reminds me of David Craig! thats it
#11 悪い子みつけた ft.安藤裕子 (yuko Ando)- Another song i just don't like >.>
#12 I RAVE U ft. Dj Ozma- Meh I like the Original Better is all i have to say 

Here is I Believe in Love ft. BoA PV